What is a PEO?

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Ever say to yourself your spending to much time handing employee paperwork? Government compliance issues? Tax headaches at the end of the year? Small businesses and large businesses alike all have problems and needs that the right PEO could help them with. We take the time bearing weights off of you so you don’t have to handle your payroll, compliance issues, employee benefits and you can focus on what matters the most. Running your business.


What Is a PEO?

A PEO or (Professional Employer Organization) offers business owners an opportunity to increase efficiency, productivity and revenues within their businesses.  In the relationship among PEO, a work-site employee, and a client company, there exists a co-employment relationship in which both the PEO and client company have an employment relationship with the worker.  The PEO and client company contractually allocate and share traditional employer responsibilities and liabilities.  The PEO assumes responsibility for the business of employment law compliance, payroll, and employee taxes.  The PEO provides a complete human resource package to the work-site employee.  The client company directs and controls work-site employees in manufacturing, production, and delivery of its products and services.


Businesses use a PEO to:http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-image-business-meeting-image3795771

For Your Employees, A Full-Service PEO Delivers:

  •  Access to benefits often previously unavailable such as various lines of insurance.
  • On time and accurate payroll.
  • Professional assistance with employment-related problems.
  • Statutory protection for more employees.
  • Access to current information on labor regulations and workers’ rights.
  • Efficient and responsive claims processing.
  • Professional human resources handbook defining work-site policies and procedures.