Return to Work Program


Kymberly Group has a process in place to bring injured workers back to work as soon as possible after an on-the-job injury.  This includes providing transitional work based on the treating physician’s written recommendations.  We will review the circumstances surrounding the work accident and will use that information to prevent and manage future work inquiries.


In the event of a workplace injury-

1.    The injured worker’s immediate supervisor will notify our office manager and return to work coordinator, of the injury as soon as possible (same day is preferred).

2.    The return-to-work coordinator will:

  • Use the form “Work Injury Tracking Record” to complete documentation of the employee’s work injury and recovery.
  • Maintain contact with the injured employee during the course of his recovery.  (This may include telephone calls, written communication, and/or personal visits as appropriate.)
  • Cooperate fully with the workers’ compensation insurance adjuster.
  • Facilitate clear communication with the employee’s treating physician.

3.     The return-to-work coordinator and the injured employee’s supervisor will prepare for the employee to return to work by completing the job description form.  This form describes the injured employee’s regular job or the transitional work that is available.  The return-to-work coordinator will send the form with the employee when he visits with the doctor.  The employee is required to return the form to the return to work coordinator,____________________________________.

4.     When applicable, we will offer transitional duty to the injured employee during his recovery, based on the recommendations of the treating physician.

5.      The return-to-work coordinator will send a transitional job offer form or letter to the injured employee by Certified Mail.

6.      The return-to-work coordinator will notify our workers’ compensation carrier when the injured employee returns to work and the offer of transitional work.

7.     After the injured employee has returned to work, the return-to-work coordinator will continue to follow up with the employee and physician periodically to assure that the transitional work is within the employee’s current physical capabilities.

For more information on how we can help you reduce your worker’s compensation mod rate.  Please contact us at with RTW in the subject line.