Why Use and What is a PEO




Professional Employer Organization

A PEO, or Professional Employer Organization works with businesses to provide comprehensive outsourcing solutions to give the business owner peace of mind. We will take care of your workers compensation, payroll administration, human resources, employee benefits, government compliance and other important functions so you don’t have to worry; designed to save you time so you can help run the more internal and revenue generating issues you face.

Would a PEO be useful to me?

A PEO isnt for everybody. Some businesses like to run their payroll internally and control their own HR. Using a PEO takes all the liability off you and gives you the peace of mind those functions will be handled. We will take care of your government compliance and keep up to date with current laws to keep you protected.



Have Losses?

If you have workers compensation losses or are a smaller business it may be hard or borderline impossible to find a good policy in your budget. By signing with a PEO like Kymberly Group you sign under one of master policys, giving you access to the many benefits including discounted and pay as you go workers comp or even reduced mod rates.


For more information or questions on what a Professional Employer Organization is visit www.napeo.org