Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing

Unlike payroll processing systems that have been modified to handle multiple clients, Summit PRO software was designed from the top down for exclusive use by professional employers. With ease, it handles an unlimited number of clients, situations where a client needs to be processed under it’s own EIN; cases where an employee’s wages are split among two or more clients, states where SUTA tax must be reported on a client-by-client basis while FUTA and FICA taxes can be combined; and the list goes on … This comprehensive system includes such outstanding features as remote client input of hours and wages, direct deposit of payroll checks, automatic invoicing for each client’s payroll, ACH processing, automatic check signing and MICR ink printing on blank check stock, and direct transfer of entries to the general ledger. You can even set up an auto-pilot system to pre-define which reports are to be printed and delivered with each client’s payroll. The system will then produce those reports without operator assistance. All this and much more… and you won’t believe how easy and straightforward the programs are to use.


  • Maintenance of client files and processing defaults for each client

  • Maintenance of pertinent data for each employee

  • Automatic payroll preparation, with hours and earnings data accessible for modification

  • Remote input of wage and hour information from a client’s PC, timeclocks, etc.

  • Automatic client invoicing including worker compensation billing and mandated taxes

  • Automatic computation and invoicing of service fees

  • Multiple Taxpayers within each state for Fed, SWH, SUTA and Worker Comp.

  • Wide array of managerial reports for distribution to clients

  • Job costing for client use on a pay period basis

  • Automatic computations and accounting for Billed vs. Actual taxes and charges

  • Built-in procedures at each step in the payroll processing cycle (ie. wage and hour input, printing of checks, client invoicing, receipt of client funds) to assure data integrity

  • Human resources information with unlimited user-defined codes and purposes

  • ACH processing of client invoices and employee direct deposits

  • Tax Management, W2 processing, Mag Media filing of tax deposits, W2’s, 1099’s

  • Event Tracking and behind the scene monitoring of processing activity

  • Processing Schedules pre-established to control work flow and assure timely completion

  • Service charge based on Cost Plus, Per Check, Per Invoice, Worker Comp Codes, etc.

  • Certified Payroll Processing

  • Sales Commission Reports and Statements

  • Invoice Profitability Analysis

  • Accruals and Accounting for Paid Time Off, Vacation, Sick plans on Client by Client basis

  • Unlimited Master Pay Codes and Deductions with approvals required at each client

  • High-speed processing routines for straight payroll (contract payroll) processing


  • Payroll Registers

  • Deduction Registers

  • Payroll Checks and Check Registers

  • Labor distribution reports

  • Job Costing reports

  • Employee Hours and Earnings Reports

  • Client, Employee Lists, Labels

  • Significant Employee Events

  • W-2’s, 1099’s, Mag Media, Transmittal Totals

  • ACH and Direct Deposit Reports

  • Processing Schedules, Work in Progress

  • ACH and Direct Deposit Reports

  • Invoices Processed, Aged Invoices Due

  • Tax Management and Deposit Reports

  • Finalled Payroll Details, GL Entry Recaps

  • Sales Commission Reports, Statements

  • Customized Reports

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