Drug Free Program




Kymberly Group can help protect your company and employees by implementing a Drug Free Workplace. Not only will it protect your company, you may be eligible for up to a 5% savings in your workers’ compensation rates.


Recognizing that substance abuse (including alcohol) is a detrimental problem facing society, this company will do the best we can to actively fight this problem.  One of the ways we are addressing this problem is by implementing and maintaining a substance abuse policy to ensure the company will be a drug-free place.

We understand employees and applicants under a physician’s care may be required to use prescription drugs; however, illegal use of prescribed medications is also substance abuse and will be dealt with in the same manner as the abuse of illegal substances. The ultimate goal of this policy is to balance our respect for individual privacy with our need to keep a safe, productive, drug-free environment.  We encourage those who abuse drugs and/or alcohol to voluntarily seek help.  This policy contains an employee assistance resource file which allows employees and their families to find help in dealing with alcohol or drug abuse.  However, it is the employee’s responsibility to seek help before drug and alcohol problems lead to disciplinary action.

Legal Drug: Includes prescribed drugs and over-the-counter medications which have been legally obtained and are being solely used for the purpose for which they were prescribed or manufactured.

Illegal Drug: Any drug: (a) which is not legally obtainable; (b) which may be legally obtainable but has not been legally obtained; or (c) which is being used in a manner or for a purpose other than as prescribed.

This company’s Standard of Conduct requires that employees of this company shall not use illegal drugs or abuse alcohol or prescription medications. Any employee determined to be in violation of this policy is subject to disciplinary action, even for the first offense. In order to maintain this standard, this company shall establish and maintain the program and rules set forth below, under Florida statues 440.101 and 440.102.

A.     Post-Offer Job Applicant Screening
This company will conduct post-offer drug tests designed to prevent the hiring of individuals who use illegal drugs or abuse prescription medications.

B.     Current Employee Screening
This company will conduct drug and/or alcohol screens, as outlined in this policy, to identify employees who use illegal drugs or abuse alcohol, etc., either on or off the job.

1.     Reasonable Suspicion Testing
“Reasonable suspicion testing” means drug and/or alcohol testing based on an employer’s belief that an employee is using or has used drugs in violation of the employer’s policy.

2.     Accident and Injury Procedures
Any employee involved in a work related accident, which requires medical treatment, above and beyond first-aid, must first receive treatment.

3.      Routine Fitness-for-duty
This company must require an employee to submit to a drug test IF the test is conducted as part of a routinely scheduled employee fitness-for-duty medical examination that is part of this company’s established policy OR that is schedule routinely for all members of an employment classification or group.  Employees subject to any routine fitness-for-duty testing will be notified in writing and be required to sign a routine fitness-for-duty consent form.

4.     Return to work and Follow-up drug Testing
If an employee in the course of employment voluntarily enters an employee assistance program for drug-related problems, or an alcohol/drug rehabilitation program, this company must require the employee to submit to a drug and/or alcohol test as a follow-up to such program.

5.     Random Testing 
This company may conduct random drug testing, as stated in Florida Statutes 440.102.  A third-party company designated by this company will generate a computerized random list of employees who would be required to submit to a random drug screen.

6.     Job Site Placement Testing 
Due to client contracts certain employees may be required to submit to a drug test prior to placement on a job or job site.

C.     Basis for Discipline or Termination

1.     Illegal Drug Use and Alcohol Abuse
Any employee using, selling, purchasing, possessing, soliciting or distributing illegal drugs and/or unauthorized alcoholic beverages on company property or company business will be in violation of this policy, resulting in immediate termination of employment.

2.     Refusal to Test
Any employee who refuses to a required drug and/or alcohol test will be subject to immediate termination of employment.